Smart Cities

We are helping Governments to build "Feasible, Impacting and Sustainable" Cities

One City, One Number, One App, One Website

Fastlane smart city solutions provide  ease of services and reachability of government initiatives of digital transformation for  enhancing the quality of life of  citizens 

City Analytics Platform

Our advanced City Analytics Platform delivers 3D Map of the entire city. The platform uses Machine Learning algorithms to automatically identify all your assets and tag them as per their asset class. The platform also comes loaded with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality visualizations for smarter decision making

Smart Street Lighting

Fastlane’s Intelligent lighting with SOS blinking for Pedestrian Safety, Smart Dimming to minimize electricity bills and minimal CO2 emissions for healthier environment.

Smart Poles

This futuristic Smart tower accommodates multiple third party IoT devices in a single tower eliminating the need to install a separate tower for each service/application. Its modular design makes the installation of digital infrastructure speedy, cost-effective and less cumbersome

Variable Message Displays

Fastlane’s VMD/VMS provide the governments the most versatile way of notifying motorists of road conditions, safety alerts and traffic advice. Governments can now benefit from Fastlane’s full color VMDs that are ultra bright and visible from a long distance.

Public Address System

Making announcement at critical locations has been made easier with Fastlane’s Public Address System. Fastlane’s PA system comes with single zone/multi-zone addressing facility with live and pre-recorded modes. Fastlane’s speakers provide crisp and clear audio delivery for easier cognition even in loud environments.


To ensure a “Safe City”, Fastlane’s Surveillance system with Advanced Video Analytics, will help the Governments to maintain the law-and-order and to keep the crime rate low. With both edge and server based storage and analytics, Fastlane’s “Safe City” based Surveillance solution ensures data availability during adversities also.

e-Learning Centers

Centers where citizens can access digital and print library for self learning, wi-fi, recreational zones and also have access of self service kiosks for payment of utility bills, ATM etc.,


Smart traffic detectors like traffic monitoring system, violation alerts and number plate recognition for smart corridors which will help authorities to enforce traffic rules, safety and maintain law and order in the city

Intelligent Transport System

Through integration of VLS (Vehicle Locating System) our system optimizes the routes and calculates the response time for the city vehicles. The info is dynamically displayed in Smart Bus Shelters. This greatly improves the service of city operations.

Lay The Foundation Of A Digital City

Be A Visionary

Make your city the foremost city in your country to have the most advanced “City Analytics Platform” that maps all your assets, processes and people for better management and coordination among departments. 

Leverage On Our Experience

System Integration Experts

Fastlane has implemented multiple smart cities including solutions such as City Surveillance, Smart Parking, Command Control Center, Automatic Traffic Control System, Intelligent Transport System etc.  We understand the problems of our urban clients very well and know how to deliver on time in an integrated manner.

Data integrity

Single source of truth

With all the systems integrated with out platform, your city enjoys the benefits of having “Single Source of Truth” at hand anytime.  Our team of experts are always available to integrate your disparate systems with aplomb. 

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