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“Deliver innovative and reliable technologies that improve the social and economic standards of people.”


“Connect Everything, Reliably”

World's most affordable internet

Fastlane has played a pivotal role in designing, implementing and maintaining the World’s most affordable “Triple Play” at less than $2.2 per month.  Triple Play includes 250+ TV channels, 20 Mbps Internet Speed, and Free Telephony. 

Building one of the leading Smart Cities

Fastlane has implemented the entire IoT infrastructure for one of the Top 10 Smart Cities in India.  We combined the power of IoT with One City One Website, One App, One Number.  We have put the power in the right hands, which are hands of citizens.

Developed the Most advanced Smart Poles

We have developed the World’s most advanced Smart Pole which is Scalable, Adaptable and Modular.  Think about any IoT device, you can mount on this pole.  Inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi, our poles have been deployed in various smart cities of India

Built the most advanced city analytics platform

Our advanced city analytics platform provides the most detailed insights about your city.  The cities and enterprises have benefited from the insights provided by our platform and helped them save tens of millions of dollars.

ZeroCode in Africa

Using our ZeroCode platform, we have built the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud-based credit management platform used in multiple countries across the continent of Africa.

Innovating the Meeting Space

Built using the principles of “Meeting Science”, the most advanced Collaborative Meeting Wall has made many meetings productive by helping the participants focus on the most important aspect of it – “The Time”.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We stop at nothing.  We love to explore.  We keep it simple. We take it step-by-step

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