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We strive hard to create social and economic capital by leveraging technologies.  We have a good experience in:

  • setting up the world’s most affordable internet
  • building one of the leading smart cities in India
  • developing the most advanced city infrastructure such as Smart Poles
  • deploying drones for advanced city and terrain analytics
  • visualizing data using Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality
  • localizing Artificial Intelligence engine to understand any language or dialect
  • and many more

Bigger the problem, greater the solution

what can we do for you?

Fiber Grid

Fiber Grid provides high speed triple play services (100+ Mbps internet, 250+ TV channels, Free Telephony) at a very affordable price of less than $4 per month

Smart Poles

Our futuristic Smart Pole accommodates multiple third party IoT devices in a single tower. Its modular design makes the installation of digital infrastructure speedy, cost-effective and less cumbersome.

City Analytics Platform

Our advanced City Analytics Platform delivers 3D Map of the entire city. The platform uses Machine Learning algorithms to automatically identify all your assets and tag them as per their asset class.

Zero Code

With ZeroCode, everything looks possible. 8 – 10x faster time-to-market, super flexible to design, rapid build and reconfiguration, facilitates easy changes, manage customization and Assumed ‘A-Grade’ Software.

Construction Analytics

Optimize time, cost and efficiency by managing construction better. Visually model decisions and see them before making changes. Our solution helps to decrease the monitoring and reporting load on managers.

Artificial Intelligence

We apply Artificial Intelligence to applications that improve human lives and create a positive impact on society

Collaborative Meeting Wall

A unified collaborative workspace on a large interactive multi-touch screen with a specific focus towards providing an end-to-end solution to various customized meeting needs from the pre-meeting stage to post meeting follow ups.

VR and MR

Our platforms also comes loaded with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality visualizations for smarter decision making.

Smart Cities

Fastlane smart city solutions provide ease of services and reachability of government initiatives of digital transformation for enhancing the quality of life of citizens

"According to a report by the World Bank, a 10% increase in internet penetration can increase the GDP by 1.08%."

Fiber Grid

The best choice for State Governments to provide “Digital Infrastructure” within a very short time to every citizen.

Fastlane Fiber Grid
Fastlane Smart Cities

Smart cities

We Are Helping Governments To Build “Feasible, Impacting And Sustainable” Cities

City analytics

We are helping Governments to build “Feasible, Impacting and Sustainable” Cities. Our solution will help authorities run and maintain a smart city efficiently.

City Planning

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