Data should be ubiquitous

How high-speed internet in the hinterlands can benefit the nation?

Saad Ahmed

Rising entrepreneurship in the Indian hinterland has called for swift business operations, not to mention making the shift to paperless working. The biggest hurdle they face here is the access to an affordable and high-speed internet. What metropolitan cities take for granted is still a far-off dream for the residents of rural India Although there has been a promise of a Digital India, the ground reality says otherwise. As per the estimate till 2019, only  40.9% of Indian population had access to internet.

More than half of India’s population live in towns and villages. To be facing a digital handicap is not just wasting their potential but is also holding them back from contributing towards the country’s economy.

“According to a report by the World Bank, a 10% increase in internet penetration can increase the GDP by 1.08%.”

Internet access allows for faster communication and efficient working. It can propel a developing country into becoming a developed one.

With IOT focus  in agriculture, health, transportation, security, automobile, buildings and smart cities and internet forming the very backbone of IOT , there was never such an urgency to scale up the fiber net grid and bring it to the tier 2 cities and beyond. A digitally empowered society will encourage innovation especially in technology, healthcare and education and pave the path to prosperity.

Internet access gives an equal platform to the marginalized. They stand to receive benefits in the form of gainful employment, education and even the often ignored – entertainment. Internet access has joined the holy trifecta of basic needs – food, clothing and shelter has now been declared a basic human right. It is time to now put those words into action and not deny this basic right to the people in the Indian heartland any further. Let’s attempt to overcome this digital divide with high-speed internet connection for everyone.


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