Construction Analytics Platform

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Optimize time, cost and efficiency by managing construction better. Visually model decisions and see them before making changes. Our solution helps to decrease the monitoring and reporting load on managers.

Design and Planning

Plan your project using our built-in designing tools. You can also import your CAD and BIM files without any hassle. Also integrated with Primavera and MS Project.

Automated progress monitoring

Using drones, handheld 360 degree cameras and sensors, we can monitor the progress of your project and generate an automated progress report.

Dynamic Project Planning

You can dynamically adjust your project timelines and deliverable using our project management tool which directly connects to your Primavera and MS Project.

Equipment Utilization

Our tool monitors your equipment and asset utilization so that you can improve your "Return on Assets" and inturn your "Return on Investment".

Designed vs As-built models

We provide a powerful feature that visually compares "Designed vs As-built" models of your site, building or development.

Safety Monitoring

Safety feature not only covers your perimeter and worker's safety but also deviations in your development that result in penalties.

Quality Assessment

Our machine learning based engine performs quality assessment on multiple aspects of your development and gives you a report on the exceptions in the construction.

Monitoring and Tracking of workers

The platform brings the power of BLE and RFID to monitor and track your workers on site and improve overall efficiency of the workforce.

Savings from Day 1

The platform gives your recommendations and insights that will help you save your costs from Day 1.

Rise to the top

Improve your margins

Integrated construction monitoring, workforce management and project planning integration will help you improve your bottom line by a significant amount.  This ensures your project is always competitive and your brand is reliable.

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Construction Analytics Experts

We provide you the most cutting-edge planning, development, monitoring and analytics tool for the information at your fingertips so that you can make best decision for your site, construction or development.

Data Integrity

Single source of truth

With all the systems integrated with out platform, your city enjoys the benefits of having “Single Source of Truth” at hand anytime.  Our team of experts are always available to integrate your disparate systems with aplomb. 

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The accuracy we assure is 3Cm relative accuracy

Depending on the usecase and what the managers want to monitor for a particular site. But usually estimations verses actuals in terms of construction of slabs, walls, rooms, setbacks etc can be known.

Each image is .jpeg format and it would be between 4.5 MB to 6 MB. And the Orthomosaic image which we show on the dashboard would be TIF file around 2TB (depending on the number of images captured, the size of the TIF file increases)

Minimum 20 Mins is the flight time.

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