Fiber Grid

The best choice for State Governments to provide "Digital Infrastructure" immediately to all our citizens

Digital future of our nation lies in your hands

Fiber Grid provides high speed triple play services (100+ Mbps internet, 250+ TV channels, Free Telephony) to all households, schools, primary health centers, government offices, small & medium enterprises & corporations at a very affordable price.

5G ready high speed internet

Our principle network planning includes 150+ Mbps speeds to the end user

Triple/Quad Play

Along with high speed internet, the network shall be capable of catering TV, Telephony and Wireless

250+ TV Channels

More than 250 TV Channels are provided to the end customers free of charge. Paid channels are provided as per customer's selection

Cyber Security

We help the service providers and enterprises in assessing the end to end security aspects of existing IT and network provide solutions adopting the industry standard cybersecurity practices

Network function virtualization (NFV)

We help migrating the physical network functions into NFV by making use of the general purpose open hardware to meet the cost and flexibility demands of the service providers

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

We help simplifying the complex network rollout and operations by making use of the automation and orchestration tools making use of the state of the art SDN functionalities available in the devices

innovative Network Design

Very Affordable

Leveraging our expertise, we build the Fiber Grids with great network architects who have experience in building networks that cater to millions of people.  We ensure that the costs of the network stays low and you get the maximum returns from high ARPU.  Our last deployment caters 20+ Mbps, 250 TV Channels and Free Telephony at less than $3 per month.

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The Network Experts

We have laid more than 20,000 miles of fiber and have configured more than 3,500 Points of Presence (PoPs).  We have the expertise in building the NOCs, Command and Control Centers, Data Centers, Middleware, Network Automation and Orchestration Platform, Video Delivery Platform and IPTV Marketplace.


Best Practices

Our strong partnerships with the network and IT vendors enables us with the in-depth understanding of all the different OEM products and their roadmaps.  This understanding help us in designing the best solutions to our customers that are highly reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

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