Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the world's content

NLP and Image Recognition

We apply Artificial Intelligence to applications that improve human lives and create a positive impact on society

Live Speech Recognition

Our engine can transcribe audio from even live audio and video feeds from TV, Radio, Internet players, Telephone, etc. We currently support multiple Indian languages

Voice Biometrics

Our engine will recognize speaker through “Active” recognition by repetition of a phrase or through “Passive” recognition without user’s intervention

Conversational AI

Our Engine is a deep learning application which can understand the 'intent' of speech and also speak in full sentences. We currently support multiple Indian languages

Facial Detection & Recognition

Our engine identifies multiple faces from pictures even when they are located in a remote corner and also performs facial recognition on pictures or video. It also performs analysis of emotional state of a person.

Disease Detection

We have app-based and server-based algorithms to identify the diseases related to Kidneys, Liver, Pelvic Organ Diseases

Neural Network based ML

Neural Networks based ML system ensures that you can train any number of images, objects and diseases to make it more accurate as per your requirements

Object Identification

Our engine identifies any type of object that is commonly found in our world. The engine also identifies logos, labels, buildings, etc along with their important attributes such as colors, type, related objects, etc.

Multi-modal Security

Facial Recognition combined with our Voice Biometrics will help to set up a multi-modal security to your critical systems

Remote Healthcare

All our algorithms supports “Live-video” and “Picture” feeds to make sure proper healthcare is provided to people irrespective of their location

Life-like conversations

Using our Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine, we can deliver any specific person’s voice to bring make them life-like. We currently support multiple Indian languages

Available in Indian Languages

Our Engines support all Indian languages. Our system is highly customizable to accommodate new languages. We can add a new language within a very short span of time.

Highly Accurate recognition

Engine recognizes sentences with very high accuracy even when spoken in various accents. The system also improves on identifying the nouns

1:1 and 1:N Verification and Identification

We perform both Speaker Verification (1:1) and Speaker Identification (1:N) using Text-dependent and Text-independent techniques

Cloud based

All our systems are completely cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere through a secure login


Our engines are available for deployment on the channel of your choice: IVRS, web and mobile


AI Democratization

We started with a vision to democratize AI based solutions. Our aim is to develop solutions which are smarter, fast and reliable in the fields of Text, image & speech data processing. 

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The AI Experts

Our team successfully built automatic speech recognition engine for more than 3 vernacular languages in India including English. Our innovation in speech solutions including conversational ai, voice biometrics, Language learning apps can revolutionize existing technologies in networking, security, media & entertainment and many more industries

On-prem and cloud


Our solutions offer flexibility in multi- language & multi-speaker functionality requirements. Our on-prem and cloud based solutions offer addition of new languages as per your requirement and functionality.

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