Smart Poles

Scalable, Adaptable and Modular. It accommodates more than 25 IOT devices and sensors.

All-in-one Modular Smart Tower

This futuristic Smart tower accommodates multiple third party IoT devices in a single tower eliminating the need to install a separate tower for each service/application. Its modular design makes the installation of digital infrastructure speedy, cost-effective and less cumbersome.

Smart Pole


Smart Tower comes with flexible arm that suits your surveillance and enforcement needs such as parking violations, red light violations, number plate detections, etc.

Digital Signages

Our Artificial Intelligence powered Digital Dynamic displays provide engaging advertisements and important information based on the profile of the viewer.

5G Ready

The tower comes with an optional 5G small cell module to make your investment sustainable by monetizing your digital infra real estate.

Citizen Service Kiosk

The interactive screen includes access to city maps, tourist guide, Wheather forecast Emergencty/SOS Services, etc.

EV Charging Point

The electric vehicle charging point located at the base of the tower can be used to charge electric cars, scooters and rickshaws at a cost to the consumers.

Drone Charging Pads

Drone charging pad at the top of the tower provides the wireless charging for the drones used for surveillance and city mapping. These can also act as parking stations for drones.

Smart Street Lights

Street lights come with proximity, ambient light and weather sensors to match your desired configurations. These lights also come coupled with solar panels for energy efficiency.

Environmental Sensors

Enviromental Sensors provide Air Quality Index, Temperature, CO, CO2, O3, PM 2.5, PM 10, NO2, Lux, UV, Noise Levels and other parameters for continuous tracking of your city's environment.

IoT based Connectivity

Devices such as LoRa gateways provide Long Range wireless communication with IoT devices while consuming very little power.

Lay the Foundation of a Digital City

Be a Visionary

Invest in Smart Poles to prepare your city  for the future digital requirements.  These Smart Poles can host all the major digital infrastructure.  These poles helps reduce the number of poles in your city  exponentially and speed-up the installation of digital  infrastructure. 

Leverage on our Experience

System Integration Experts

Fastlane has implemented multiple smart cities including solutions such as City Surveillance, Smart Parking, Command Control Center, Automatic Traffic Control System, Intelligent Transport System etc.  We understand the problems of our urban clients very well and know how to deliver on time in an integrated manner.

Modular Poles

The Frugal Design

The modular pole design ensures that that accessories mounted can be replaced, or more can be mounted in near future eliminating the need to erect a new pole every time.

Surveillance and Wi-Fi
Drone Charging

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